KHRS Annual Scienfic Session

Welcome Message

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is my great honor to welcome you to the Korean Heart Rhythm Society 9th Annual Scientific Session 2017 (KHRS 2017), which will be held from June 23 (Fri) to 24 (Sat), at KINTEX in Ilsan, Korea.

KHRS 2017 brings together not only prominent experts on arrhythmia from home but also world-renowned specialists from a diverse array of backgrounds, including Akihiko Nogami (Japan), Chun Hwang (USA), Elad Anter (USA), Fa-Po Chung (Taiwan), Frederik Verheugt (Netherlands), Julian Chun (Germany), Peter A. Noseworthy (USA), Ricardo Bernardo (Portugal), Ulrich Schotten (Netherlands), and Yukio Sekiguchi (Japan), to discuss and analyze a variety of topics.

The first day of the scientific session includes: Plenary Sessions on AF Mechanism and Frontiers in Catheter Ablation and Current Approaches to AF; Allied Professionals Education Sessions for colleagues working in relevant fields of arrhythmia; and the Young Investigator Award Competition for promising young investigators to give a presentation about their research results, which will be evaluated by judges.

The second day of the scientific session includes: the Live Cases; the ECG Education Course; the Arrhythmia Review Course; and the EP-Unknown EP Tracing session. In particular, the Live Cases will be held for the first time in KHRS history, as part of effort to provide a practical and hands-on experience through live surgery broadcasting. In addition, ECG Education Course is for everyone involved in arrhythmia from medical students to specialists to keep abreast of the latest developments, while the other sessions are designed specifically for EP fellows and clinical professors. We are also very fortune to have Tokyo-Taipei-Seoul (TTS) Conference in conjunction with KHRS 2017 and to have EP leaders and leading scientists from each country to make this year event more meaningful.

Lastly, I would like to repeat my sincere appreciation for your support and participation to each and every member of the Korean Heart Rhythm Society, and to all the participants from around the world. I wish you a pleasant stay in Korea and an enriching experience at KHRS 2017. Thank you.

Young-Hoon Kim
Korean Heart Rhythm Society