Started in 1997 as an working group of arrhythmia under the Korean Society of Cardiology, our society has grown remarkably over a relatively short period of time due to the great efforts of our executives and the enthusiastic participation of our members. In addition, all members creat a harmonious family atmosphere, even though it is a national wide professional association. With remarkable external growth, there are close to 1,500 regular members as of 2019. The KHRS (Korean Heart Rhythm Society) scientific session, which began as the first regular academic conference in 2009, is now an international academic conference that comes from abroad, and Professor Tae-joon Cha, Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Arrhythmia, has been listed on the KoreaMed and is expected to enter the SCI Journal within a few years.

I and many other executives plan to focus on the following during my term in office from 2019-2020:

1) Improving the public's awareness of arrhythmia.
2) Internationalization of Academic Society through close cooperation with foreign researchers and organizations
3) Improving the benefit of arrhythmia patients

In addition to carrying out these academic projects, we will listen to the diverse opinions of our members and actively reflect them as our new business. We will also make continuous efforts for smooth communication and exchange among members of the association. We ask for your continued interest and active participation and wish you good health and good luck.
Thank you.

Chairman of the Korean Heart Rhythm Society
Yong Seog Oh, MD, PhD